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Hey, I’m Chris and this is VirtualPornReport.com.

I got into VR porn in the beginning, and I love that it’s gaining so much popularity in the adult entertainment industry. Over the years, adult entertainment has stayed on the cutting edge of technology, and I wanted to start this blog to share VR porn scene reviews and point users in the right direction when it comes to the best VR porn.

While standard porn is still shot in a standard frame, edited to go back and forth between different angles and areas of the set, VR porn is eliminating the need for that with full coverage video that allows you access to a full 180 degrees of sexy fun. Being able to control where and how you look during the video along with the fully immersive experience offered by VR porn have come together to consistently convert users.

My first VR headset

VR headsets have the same price range as cell phones, with cheaper and fancier models being marketed to all kinds of people, almost anyone can play in a virtual world. Gaming and porn industries are pushing the technology to become more real, more immersive, and cheaper, and the technology is changing types of controllers and headsets to keep users focused on the experience.


Controllers now have smooth pads with multiple functions so you can move intuitively rather than focusing on pushing buttons. Headsets are lighter and more balanced, and affordable options are expanding, with Google even offering a cardboard option that’s great for travelers and people who don’t want to invest much.

When it comes to your porn, Virtual Porn Report is staying on top of things. I watch sites, keep up with the technology, and obsess over video quality and content. I’ll show you the good, the bad, and the blurry. I won’t try and pass off bad content or spin things to look nice; you’ll always get an honest review from a porn veteran.

That way, you won’t have to wade through site after site looking for good VR content and spending your hard earned money.

You can keep up with me on the site, and you can follow me on Twitter @VRPornReport to stay updated on every new review.

Look around and read a few reviews. There are categories if you want to skip to your favorite niche and check up on sites to join. If you see a new site go up or you come across something special, hit me up on Twitter so we can review it too!

There’s no reason to settle for lackluster porn, and new technology doesn’t have to be glitchy or awful. I’ll help you find the highest quality VR porn for a reasonable price, and we always let you know about bonus and exclusive content that you won’t find anywhere else.

So strap on your headset and get ready to enjoy hot porn from every niche as you immerse yourself in a sexy world of threesomes, girl on girl, fetish, teen, and amateur sex. You won’t just be watching the action, you’ll be experiencing it.

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