How To Get a Free VR Headset from WankzVR

It’s never been easier to try Virtual Reality porn!

The good folks at WankzVR are now giving away a free VR headset to all new members! This is really the perfect opportunity to finally try VR porn, and for the low low price of FREE, you can’t beat that!

Get a Free VR headset from WankzVR!

Now obviously they’re not giving away an Oculus or Vive, but this cardboard headset is a great way to check out the potential of VR porn for anyone that has yet to experience this phenomenon.  All you need is a smartphone, which I’m certain you already have! It also works with both Apple and Android smart phones, so no worries there.

This offer doesn’t work for trial members, but any full member is eligible. The free VR headset is just plain white, so it won’t look suspicious sitting around your house. It’s also shipped to you discreetly, so nobody will know what it’s for. It definitely won’t say anything about WankzVR or porn on it.

Now we’re not sure when this offer ends, if it even does. They don’t say on their site, but be sure to jump on this now so you don’t miss out! And if you’re still on the fence, check out our WankzVR Previews and see all the fun you’re missing out on!

Get Your Free VR Headset Now!!

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