Chloe Temple Wants YOU In The WankzVR VIP Lounge!

The beautiful Chloe Temple returns to WankzVR in Her Body Is A Temple (it’s based off her name!), and she’s looking hotter than ever! I loved her in the last scene, Daydreamin’ of Dick, and this one is EVEN BETTER!

Her Body Is A Temple

Starring – Chloe Temple
Length – 48 min
Devices – Gear VR, Oculus, Smartphone, Playstation VR, Vive, Daydream

Look with your eyes, not with your hands! When you go to the VIP Lounge with Chloe Temple, there are rules to follow. You feel like you’re being watched but the situation changes and Chloe gives you a green light for more. Take your luxury strip club experience to a new level when Chloe sucks on your dick and takes you for a ride too. Go fuck wild with this sexy headliner and worship Chloe because her body IS a temple!

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